Our Story

LEVEN means to live. Literally. The word ‘live’ comes from old English with origins in the Dutch word ‘leven’.

There is nothing more important than the moment we are in, and LEVEN exists to help you live each moment freely.

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Beautifully designed spaces created to inspire you to live your best life


Stay for a coffee, stay for a cocktail. Stay for a day, or a year. A space for every need -a hotel with freedom at it’s heart.


Be a yes. LEVEN seeks to eliminate the pointless rules that can make life less fun.

(Un) Social

Spaces created to foster community. Or hunker down and get some work done. Or take time to close the door enjoy your own company.

Style with substance

Beautifully designed spaces featuring everything that’s important, nothing that’s not.


Mindful in everything we do – it’s a way of LEVEN.


Manchester’s Village

LEVEN Manchester is housed in a landmark early 20th century red brick building on the corner of Chorlton and Canal Street in Manchester’s vibrant Village. The building’s red brick walls and Crittall windows hold a rich history including former uses as a cotton warehouse, brewery and comedy club.

Centrally located alongside vibrant canal street, and 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station LEVEN Manchester is a great spot from which to experience everything this dynamic neighbourhood has to offer. Get out there and live it

40 Chorlton Street, Manchester, M1 3HW
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Brookfield 0083 1