Life happens at LEVEN when we play host to some of the Northwest's most creative talent. Leven frequently offers up its spaces to local makers, creators and thinkers with ideas to share. Check back here or sign up to our newsletter for upcoming events.

Here's a selection of some our recent Manchester-based creatives' events.

My First Exhibition by Pase

A lockdown retrospective by Pase, an illustrator/sculpture and installation artist. Encompassing hurdles within addiction, sexuality, religious identity, and most importantly, mental health. Delves into a journey back to relative sanity and the dark holes fallen in to on the way.

Kimbo’s Vice by Kim Thackeray

Kimbo’s Vice is an undressed, visual playdate. Loud, rude and completely unnecessary.

Perspectives by Tomas Demisivicius

The show comprises multi-disciplinary outcomes based on artist work and experiences. Influences include pop art, 2D animation and drawing in a classical sense. The show incorporates new approaches to capturing the beautiful relationship between the artist and the sitter, and Manchester’s vibrant gay scene, while looking for ways to highlight uniqueness and individuality of those willing to participate.

Great To Meet You: Documenting Exchange In Manchester,

This exhibition has three strands: visual art, photography and critique. The curator has worked with Refugee charities and their clients over several months. Individual clients who were interested were asked to provide starting points for the artists exhibited. Keen to put the client’s direction first, these prompts are all different, and remain untampered by a curator’s influence. What remains is art made through the marriage of experience and vision.

Narratives of Self Destruction by Rodrigo Blanc

Rodrigo explores the idea of destruction as an intrinsic aspect to the generation of his drawings and creations in general.

Coming Up by Fleur Yearsley

A solo exhibition of paintings that explore space, scale and a generation's shared experiences, inviting us to reconnect with ourselves and each other.

Eventually by Tom Burbidge

Showing a series of large format paintings from a very concentrated period of practice, colourful, liberal, fluent and the notion of this ever moving aim as a painter to ‘paint how you want to’.

To support the completed paintings the artist will be performing a live 4 x 5 m canvas, open to the public so one can observe, feel and grasp the sensation of painting as they

experience an in studio atmosphere. ‘Eventually’ encompasses the distance between the aim and the reality.

Art Exhibition

“Is there any point in a description when the title says all it needs to”.

Calum Simmons

An exploration of subject, dimensionality and colour.

Jon Marks

Binary is an exploration into light and sound manipulated in its most basic form 0 and 1

Jennifer Is In Paradise

Join us for this quest for futurities and its relics in time.